Real Emergency Ai Pack ATS 1.44 v1.1 by Cip

ATS Real Emergency Ai pack

- Mod adds in traffic copies of all SCS stock police and emergency vehicles with beacon and personalized siren sounds, spawning alongside original vehicles and at the same spawn ratio
- All vehicles have personalized sounds for all ATS states covered by SCS and generic vehicles (which can spawn at low ratio everywhere) are equipped with the most iconic US siren sounds
- each vehicle can spawn only with beacon or with beacon and sound, while the sound is also not continuous
- each siren sound has a length between 20-30 seconds and the gap until the sound will start again is random
- all vehicles have also engine sound (imported from Real Ai sounds)

other mod features only available if used together with Real Traffic Density mod:

- emergency vehicles can also spawn on the local roads at the same low frequency as the police cars
- Ai vehicles spawning in cities will be more likely to have a sound than those spawning outside cities

- fixed flares
- fixed missing sound

Cip, SCS


3 thoughts on “Real Emergency Ai Pack ATS 1.44 v1.1 by Cip

  1. Paul Heavens

    Hello. I really love your mod. seeing emergency vehicle looking for once like they are on route to a accident or event is very cool especially when there is 2 or 3 together. Very cool. Only thing i would ask if you could add as optional or change is the engine sounds. They all sound like sports cars revving engines. If they could have the regular calm sounds or even silent engines. The sport revving as they pass or get close i found took away from the real feel of emegency. I do love the sirens. they are spot on, very cool. thank you.

  2. Darnell "Uncle D" Metcalf

    Thanks bud, this mod is now working correctly for me!

  3. Beefpaddy

    Can we get away to turn the sirens volume down a bit its very loud cheers

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