Real Company E&J Gallo Winery + Trailers

E&J-Gallo-Winery-1 E&J-Gallo-Winery-2

– This mod changes the company Darchelle Uzau to the real one (E&J Gallo Winery) and his trailers.

– Also adds the Carrier logo to his refrigerated trailers (only the E&J Gallo trailers, by the time I will add the others).

– Installation: put the .scs file in your mod folder(C/Users/…/Documents/American Truck Simulator/mod)

– Don’t reupload please

– Enjoy!

Author: Pedro Martins

7 thoughts on “Real Company E&J Gallo Winery + Trailers

  1. sharemods say “no file”

  2. Hi, i’m also trying to make a company for the first time, but i have some problems..
    would you be so kind to help me?

  3. No file. Fix this, please.

  4. Ryan Keller

    can’t download share mods says no file

  5. Arthur Vince

    no file… maybe post a different download link?a

  6. What’s the point in getting this if the Real Companies,Trailers, Logos, Signs 1.0 mod has this and other companies?

  7. Thanks for the info I will try to fix the problem

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