Real Company Box Trailers V1.0


This mod replaces the default box trailers (Dry Van Short, Dry Van Long, Reefer, Reefer 3000R Short, Reefer 3000R Long) with 26 realistic company trailers. Extensive research was done for the mod and the skins include details such as warning decals and trailer manufacturer decals.

The skins are also upscaled from 1024×1024 to 2048×2048 for extra detail.

Replacements include:
-FedEx Ground
-YRC Freight
-Saia LTL
-FedEx Freight
-Knight Transportation
-J.B. Hunt
-Watkins Refrigerated
-Sam’s Club
-C.R. England
-Sunco Carriers
-Prime Inc.
-Knight Refrigerated
-ABCO Transportation

============== Issues ==============
Because the skins are upscaled to 2x the size of standard textures, these skins may cause FPS loss on underpowered computers.

Both the 48′ and 53′ variants of the Reefer 3000R trailers use the same texture, thus the skins are duplicated for both variants. Also because of this limitation, the decal placements on the 53′ variant of certain skins may not be exactly the same as the real trailer.

Several plain skins are included and may later be replaced with other companies.

============== Installation ==============
1. Copy the “Real_Company_Box_Trailers_1.0_andrei383.scs” file into your American Truck Simulator mod folder.
2. Activate the mod in the ATS mod manager.
3. Increase the priority of the mod so that it has higher priority than other trailer mods.

============== Contact ==============
Although I officially offer no support for this mod, I could be contacted via Steam and may answer some support questions:

andrei383 on Steam:


DOWNLOAD 58.9 MB [drobox]

13 thoughts on “Real Company Box Trailers V1.0

  1. Arthur Vince

    Awesome, thank you..

    1. Thanks, I hope you enjoy it!

  2. Bl@ckWolf

    Video: ATS MODS: Real Company Box Trailers V1.0 (American Truck Simulator)

    1. Thanks for the awesome showcase video Bl@ckWolf!

  3. Because of the high amount of downloads, the Dropbox link has been removed, you can now download the mod from here:

  4. Bl@ckWolf

    @andrei383, no problem :-)

  5. This is soooooo awesome. Thanks!

    1. You’re welcome! I hope you enjoy it!

  6. Birdhouseman104

    Does this work fine on ATS version

    1. It works 100% perfectly! I’m currently running it on

  7. TheDriver959

    Excellent job! Even the unit numbers are accurate, not an easy task with rare cases like the FedEx Freight ’53 dry van. I’d have personally preferred the Yellow, Roadway and YRC duplicated on the ’53 over some of the truckload carriers used, but that’s just me.

    1. Thanks a lot! I did quite a bit of research for each skin so I’m glad it paid off! I’m currently learning how to make standalone trailers so eventually I’ll be able to add more choices (including your suggestion) to the pack. Be on the lookout for future updates!

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