Real Companies & Trailers Pack v 1.0

Real-Companies-&-Trailers-Pack-1 Real-Companies-&-Trailers-Pack-2 Real-Companies-&-Trailers-Pack-3

This mod replaces some default companies with real company names, logos, signs and trailers.

Some plain trailers have also been replaced with BP, Shell, BASF, Fedex, DHL and UPS trailer skins.

42 Print – Vistaprint
Bitumen – Caterpillar
Charged – Best Buy
Chemso – Exxon Mobil
Darchelle – E & J Gallo
Eddys – 7 Eleven
Gallon Oil – Chevron
HMS – John Deere
SellGoods – JCPenny
Sunshine – Dole
Wallbert – Walmart

Compatibility: 1.0, 1.1 versions

Author: Grimes


25 thoughts on “Real Companies & Trailers Pack v 1.0

  1. Arthur Vince

    Nice one, thanks for your hard work.. ;-)

    1. Thank you :)

  2. scania_dragon

    Real companies ?! But not real freights! Tyres and tractors from DOLE ?
    DOLE is a company which manufactures fruits and fruit products and nothing else!
    Please reconcider!

    1. It’s SCS’s fault on the cargoes. They don’t seem to think about what trailer or what company they should really go to. I had a couple trailer skin packs that I hauled explosives in a Pepsi and Coke trailer. it’s the same way in ETS2, you haul some to places that they really wouldn’t go to. I know it’s just a game but things like that should be thought about when they do the cargoes.

    2. Arthur Vince

      I think you can not blame the maker for it, cause it’s still a replace mod. So the cargo’s are still the default ones. If tools like ETS_Studio still doesn’t work with ATS it’s a hell of a job to create new cargo loads.. If ETS_Studio also work with ATS it’s a piece of cake to make correctly cargo’s and trailer packs.. so we wait..have patience.

  3. Manny2Play

    Thats what im waiting for… but take care about DOLE they dont transport tracktor…

    1. Thanks, Dole is a farming company that replaces the default Sunshine Crops. In the default game Sunshine Crops generally sends out tractors to other Sunshine Crops farms, as in the image above the tractor is going to another Dole farm which is perfectly reasonable I think. I don’t think SCS are not suggesting they are manufacturing these tractors, just moving them around from one farm to another.

  4. Dole is an agricultural company that harvests fresh fruits and vegetables crops from farms, this is a replacement for Sunshine Crops. In the game there are two sites for this company, one is the farm that exports the goods, the other is its garage. It’s perfectly logical for example that it would send out machinery for repair. Don’t blame me, blame SCS if you don’t agree with it.

  5. spookytooth

    Thanks very much for this mod. It’s one I’ve been hoping will be made since the game was released. Great to seal real names and the reskins are very nice too! Great job!

    1. Thanks mate

  6. ShuqGrind

    Great job! Now it’s much more realistic. Thanks!

    1. Thanks

  7. Thank you, Grimes. Really good job. I love the real name companies on the map.
    Keep up the good work. ;-)

    1. Thank you

  8. Thank, Grimes, for this excellent mod. Now we’re hauling in the real USA. What a difference to see familiar signs. Just like in real life, Walmart is ubiquitous.

    The only item for tweaking I see in ATS’s trailer browser is that the long-box trailers have a skin wrapping issue. It is particularly noticeable on the UPS trailer with the logo repeating but reversed.


    1. Thanks for letting me know, I’ll check it out.

  9. I prefer to see real life brands in these simulators. I’ve thought about doing skins but I have no idea how. Is it possible to actually get brands to work with their product? Ex: JCPenny delivering clothes instead of flour to walmart.

    1. You can certainly add cargo to the game, not sure if you can delete the original ones though.

  10. Thank you for the excellent mod. It adds a lot of familiar realism to the game.

    Just one note to say that the long box trailers have a skin wrap issue. The skin is not long enough and tries to wrap again but in reverse.


  11. Sorry for the added post. I failed to see my first posting and thought it didn’t make it.

    Kindly ignore this and the previous posting.

  12. I have ths mod but the companies don’t show up. It is still the default companies. I am running the usa offroad and alaska map.

    1. Sounds like a conflict with another mod, try giving this mod a high priority, meaning put it at the top of your list in mod manager.

  13. This is a beautiful mod. Awesome work!

    1. Suggestion – Make Rail Export into Amtrak.

  14. ScottishTrucker

    Will you continue to work on this? As not all company names and trailers have been changed.

    Love the mod by the way, hate these fake company names lol.

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