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Real Brand Logos for ATS default Trailers v 1.0

Date 2016-12-17 16:49

real-brand-logos-2 real-brand-logos-1

This mod adds the trailer brand logos to the default trailers in ATS and trailer mudflaps;
No company textures changed, only added the logo to the base trailer texture.

Only for version 1.5.x or later.

Mod Features:
-Added Great Dane logo to the reefer trailers, also changed the fridge logo to carrier;
-Added Utility Trailers logo to the box trailers;
-Added Polar logo to some tank trailers;
-Added Pitts logo to the wood transporter trailer;
-Added Cheetah chassis logo to the container trailer (used my previous mod as base);

SCS, Pedro Martins


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  1. Utility driver side text reading backwards in my sim

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