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Real Ai Traffic FMOD Sounds ATS 1.39

Date 2020-11-14 10:46

changelog v1.39
-adaptation to ATS 1.39
-improved fade in/out
-improved tire noise

you will no longer find this mod on SCS forum, for any discussions you can find me on Steam:

uploads on other websites without keeping original link is not permitted!



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3 Responses to Real Ai Traffic FMOD Sounds ATS 1.39

  1. Hicham

    Every car is a race car. Lol no thanks

    • Cip Cip

      how about the trucks, are they race trucks too?

      • Kevin

        Hey cip, could you update this mod to 1.40 just like it is on steam? I tried to download it using the steam workshop downloader site, but it didn’t work. Please :’c

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