RD Moving Van


Keep the original link and credits.

Rd moving van

Version 1.0

-included 17 skins:
* atlas vanlines (skin by rubberduck73)
* reliable carriers (skin by rubberduck73)
* mayflower canada (skin by rubberduck73)
* graebel van lines (skin by rubberduck73)
* american moving & storage (skin by paul stokes)
* haul bikes (skin by b4rt)
* arpin van lines (skin by paul stokes)
* north american (skin by paul stokes)
* mayflower us (skin by b4rt)
* allied (skin by b4rt)
* dunlop (skin by paul stokes)
* wheaton (skin by b4rt)
* bekins (skin by b4rt)
* jk moving (skin by b4rt)
* united van lines us (skin by b4rt)
* united van lines canada (skin by b4rt)
* united van lines old style paint (skin by b4rt)

-lightmask working
-all skins appears in traffic and quick jobs. (it is optional)

To install
1. Extract this downloaded file;
2. Put the scs file on ets2 mod folder;
3. Activate mod on your mod mananger
4. And drive

Ps: not mandatory enable mod “rd moving van by b4rt traffic.Scs”, it is optional for trailers appears on traffic.

In 18 wos game: sheryo, pigpen, rubberduck73 (original notes from 18 wos included in rar file)

Conversion to ats: b4rt

Pleace help me, keep the credits and original link!

SheryO, PigPen, RubberDuck73, Paul Stokes, B4RT


16 thoughts on “RD Moving Van

  1. LPmitRobin

    Where can I find the “RD MOVING VAN by B4RT traffic.scs” which is mentioned in the description?

  2. in the installation instructions ETS2 it says, is typo or for ETS2?

    1. No My friend and sorry for wrong description, it’s for ATS no for ETS

  3. LPmitRobin

    Where can I find the “RD MOVING VAN by B4RT traffic.scs” which is mentioned in the description? Is the file still necessary for trailers appear in traffic?

    1. LPmitRobin

      Sorry for double post. After hours of waiting the comment was still not visible. I thought it wasn’t correctly sent so I decided to write a new one.

      1. yes, I also would like to get these trailers in traffic…wonder where the file is….

  4. Is there anyway to convert some of these into NASCAR Car Hauler Vans?

  5. SwiftTrans

    this mod is too low when it comes to fifth wheel height i cant even get a w900 under it to hook up im using the pinga w900 and the fifth wheel keeps hitting the front lower wall

  6. bedbugger

    I would love to see Interstate Van Lines.

  7. Someone just updated this mod on ETS2 and I hope they update it over here to.

  8. Supertrucker23


  9. I+have+the+same+trailer+and+not+the+others.+How+do+I+fix+that

  10. that is due to the new trailer selection system. which is not easy to implement. You can add the trailer to mods studio and make a standalone for each trailer skin. But you will need to to some modifying in blender for the trailer. Im currenty working on an update of the trailer

  11. JoeTheMan

    Video Test, looking good thanks

  12. Too many lights, way too many tail lights! Looks as if it’s signaling the Mother Ship.

  13. Roy Johnson

    Is this a ownerable trailer mod ?

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