Pyle Transportation Inc Skin

2nd try since it was removed without warning.
Skin is for Viper/TAM Peterbilt 389 v3.1.

Only truck skin.
Fits 73″ ultra cab and 63″ high sleeper.

Respect original downloadlink.
All credits are correct.

Akeem davis, TeddyBear


2 thoughts on “Pyle Transportation Inc Skin

  1. Great skin, very detailed. But I Googled the company, and holy s—..

    The company does NOT pay federal employment taxes.
    They were fined $42,000 for faking documents.
    And they owned the truck and trailer where eight “undocumented” immigrants died in Texas because one of their drivers just abandoned the truck at a Wal-Mart.

    Thank you, still.

  2. TeddyBear

    They didnt own the truck.
    The guy who drove the truck had bought it for 90 grand usd, and was like an owner operator.
    He should have gone to texas to deliever the trailer but went another route.
    The truck did not have tracking mounted due to Pyle trusting the driver to go where they are told.
    The truck was parked at a wallmart in san antonio where the whole thing happend.

    Either way very tragic case. :(
    The driver can get either 20 years, lifetime or death sentance for his actions.

    Thinking that he could have been a free man and working with a #### nice rig.

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