4 thoughts on “PRS Guitars Trailer

  1. Very Nice. The mod works fine (4me) and the graphics are also very nice. I play guitar so mods like this are right up my alley. I have a Gretsch White Falcon and several Rickenbackers so I look forward to your future mods. Thank You.

    1. Thanks mate ! Gretsch & Rickenbackers ? Hmmm … don’t know if it’s appropriate … my game is full of trucks hauling around Fenders, Gibsons, PRS, Marshall and Leslie … and I’m running out of ideas … but I will try also on these great companies.
      Be patient and stay tuned … :) Cheers …

  2. Thank you anyway. Is there a tutorial out there to show you how to hqve standalone trailers appear in the traffic?

    1. I was unable to find a tutorial about how make it standalone… so I downloaded one of them, standalone I mean, and compared the DEF files (standard and traffic) and discovered the differences. That’s all. :) I know I’m a bad “teacher” but I hope this will help you to find the solution… I assure you it’s more difficult to explain than to realize the trick. :)

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