Proper Traffic Variety (1.40, 2/15/21)

Note: The 2/15/21 update is not compatible with 1.39, or other versions. I’ve left up the 1.39 version if you’re still running 1.39. I have no plans to remove older versions.

ATS’s traffic variety is well and all, but could it be more accurate? This mod makes a minor change, but it certainly makes the game more accurate.

I’ve sifted through thousands of Craigslist ads for each vehicle’s year, make, model, and, when applicable, trim, counted every individual vehicle, and factored it into each vehicle’s spawn ratio. For vehicles belonging to a specific department or company, I’ve taken a sample for each state, and factored what vehicles are present in that sample into each vehicle’s spawn ratio.

Features include:
-Vastly decreased semi spawn.
-Vastly decreased police spawn.
-Vastly decreased bus spawn.
-Vehicles not sold in the United States no longer spawn.
-Vehicles unrealistic fleet vehicles no longer spawn (some fire trucks, 2012 CHP Charger, etc.).
-Outdated fleet vehicles no longer spawn (MCI MC-12, NHP Crown Victoria, etc.).
-As previously stated, every spawn ratio is grounded in empirical data, at least somewhat accurately portraying the car culture of each state. For example, California has a greater preponderance of electric vehicles, while other states have an increased number of pickups.

-Utah suffers from a great lack of variety. Simply put, there’s a lack of data for car sales in Utah, and I’ve yet to find a way to combat this without compromising the integrity of the current method. I’ve had to work with what I have.
-Some states suffer from a preponderance of certain vehicles, such as the Isuzu NPR. I still haven’t found a way to combat this without compromising the integrity of the current method.

Other notes:
-Compatible with all map mods, traffic packs, and DLCs, however, map mod traffic isn’t effected.
-Since traffic pack’s aren’t optimized for this mod, and it may cause issues with traffic spawning. This is especially true for Utah, where spawn ratios have been greatly altered (normal spawn ratios hover around 0.5-1.00, but I’ve had to multiply this by 1,000 for each vehicle) to combat measures hard-coded into the game.

Resolving incompatibilities:
-Place beneath Brutal Traffic (maintains in-class traffic variety while allowing Brutal Traffic’s density).
-Place beneath ATS Traffic Behaviour (maintains in-class variety while allowing Traffic Behaviour’s density).
-Place beneath Meatballs Traffic Density Mod (maintains in-class variety while allowing Traffic Density Mod’s density).
-Place above Realistic traffic (allows the spawn of modded traffic vehicles while overriding his edits to spawns).
-Place below Real Traffic Density (allows Traffic Density’s density, while keeping in class variety).
-Place above Island Map to ensure the mod takes effect.

Craigslist: Sales data
Google Maps: Fleet data
Cip: General pointers

2/15/21 changelog:
-Tweaked some vehicle spawn rates for accuracy (Ford Crown Victoria, Chevrolet City Express, Ram 2500, and perhaps some others)
-Tweaked overall spawn rates
-Tweaked truck spawn rates for increased comparability with modded trucks (Thanks to Cip)
-More or less fixed Utah. It’s still not the most compatible with traffic packs, but the lack of variety is certainly less noticeable
-Removed U-Haul F-650 from traffic for increased accuracy
-Tweaked Ford Transit spawn rates in accordance with the new liveries
-Removed PostEd van from traffic in accordance with the new liveries
-Added support for Island Map
-Added support for 1.40

Feel free to edit, redistribute, claim it as your own, I really don’t care, no credit to me required.

Please let me know of any bugs, suggestions, criticism, constructive, or otherwise. I suggest contacting me through Discord (you can join through this code: Bc4VMxaCNe).

Know what company the “Central Lines” bus livery is based on? What about the US Beverages and Bottling livery? That is, if they’re based on anything at all. If you do know, contact me either on this thread, or through Discord, I’ll add your contribution to the mod, with credit.



One thought on “Proper Traffic Variety (1.40, 2/15/21)

  1. In other words your mod doesn’t really bring anything to the game like all the other traffic mods out there, and what makes you think that people care about what cars are sold or not is the US…? The problem with the AI and traffic is hardbacked in the game engine and cannot really be satisfactory resolved by a mod.

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