ProMods Canada addon for Improved Trains mod v3.6.rev.5

This addon improves trains from the New ProMods Canada map using the resources of the Improved Trains mod

This addon is not compatible with the standard Long Trains addon (up to 150 wagons), if necessary i will release a ProMods Canada compatible Long Trains addon (up to 150 wagons).

This addon should be placed above all parts of the ProMods Canada map and above the Improved Trains mod.

Only the current version of the mod Improved trains 3.6.rev.5 is supported.

thanks to the ProMods team for a great map.

ProMods Team, POWE®FULL™

DOWNLOAD 3 MB [Mirror]

3 thoughts on “ProMods Canada addon for Improved Trains mod v3.6.rev.5

  1. Why can’t the locomotive’s wheels spin?

  2. no animation of the wheels of the locomotive and the train.

    1. check trains wheels spin in vanilla game first

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