Police Rebalance


Slight rebalance to police. This mod’s focus is to reduce some of the early game sting of police multiplied fines while keeping the police almost as active.

— Fine Amount Changes
— The amount you are charged for a fine
Car Crash fine decreased to 800 (was 900)
Red Light fine decreased to 600 (was 700)

— Fine Probability Changes
— The chance you will get fined for an infraction
Red Light fine probability decreased to 0.8 (was 1.0)

— Police Fine Multiplier Probability
— The chance a police office will asses a fine (this increased the fine amount)
Red Light police fine probability decreased to 0.8 (was 1.0)
Sleeping police fine probability decreased to 0.2 (was 0.3)
Speeding police fine probability decreased to 0.3 (was 0.5)

— Police Fine Multiplier
— The amount by which a fine is increased when a police chance hits
Police fine multiplier decreased to 1.5 (was 2)

— Police Fine Timer
— The time before another police chance can hit
Police fine timer increased to 90.0 (from 60.0)

Author: Mambroz


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