Piva Weather mod for ATS v2.5 by GSC


This mod is GSC look on my weather mod.
I not share his opinion, but I publish this mod at his request.
This mod have another colors and HDR settings.
Also support MexUsCan map with winter climate and
Dalton and Elliot Hwy MAP Ver 1.42 (1:1 scale)

GSC, Piva

DOWNLOAD 125 MB [Mirror]


10 thoughts on “Piva Weather mod for ATS v2.5 by GSC

  1. Very beautiful. In my opinion much better than version 2.4 because now even more shadows in the cabin. Good work. Thank you.

  2. Amazing work Piva, the only modder here who knows how lighting and the sun looks and works lol.

    1. A suggestion Piva, do you think you can add a night skybox that is slightly dark blue and not pure black? It would look good when you enter cities at night as if there is light pollution from the city.

  3. Can+you+improve+also+rain?+For+example+like+in+this+mod?

  4. join my previous speakers, very detailed and looks great.

    Good Job, like ur Mods

  5. Really nice, looks much more realistic now, fantastic mod, thanks for sharing it.

  6. Crashes on version 1.4 after a few minutes in-game

  7. This is the best weather for ATS

  8. Very nice mod, but looks like the chrome parts dont looks good with it. They are some “pixelated”

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