Physics of the Truck v 2.1.1 from `Tok` [1.31.x]

– Improved physics of suspension, transmission, brakes, air seat, cameras in the cabin.
– I added a residence permit for the lackeys.
– Added a track: Freightliner FLB.

– Changes in v2.1.1:

– Corrected the transverse swing.
– Changed the weighting of the axles (center of gravity).
– Changed the course of the suspension, the work of shock absorbers.
“I modified the pneumatic seat.”
– Changed traction, rolling, wind resistance.
– I tested 460 hp on engines. Average speed with a load of 20 tons. 90 – 110 km / h.
– Feel the lifts, cargo.
– Adjust the steering wheel’s sensitivity in the settings.
– For those who are not fond of changes in management, in the archive
there is a second file with standard control
(Physics_of_the_truck_V2.1.1_standard_control_from_ ~ Tok ~).

– P.S. The files are locked, except for the chassis, when adding and editing the chassis, when saving, it will ask for the password, just click “ok”.

– Test on version 1.31.x

– Author: ~ Tok ~

– Installation:

– Put in the Mod folder, connect it to the mod manager.


DOWNLOAD 236 KB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 236 KB [Modsbase]

3 thoughts on “Physics of the Truck v 2.1.1 from `Tok` [1.31.x]

  1. what is that trailer mod

    1. this is a real tract

  2. Sr.Bolainas

    you can add support for ”SCANIA Trucks for ATS” by ”Frkn64″? Please!

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