18 thoughts on “Physic Mod v 1.0

  1. Very nice! Only one suggestion would be to add a little more dampening and you are there!

  2. You can show a comparison moce with a real truck so we can see the differences!

  3. Великолепный мод!Спасибо!вы на высоте.

    1. Trucker_bob

      yeah.. that means?

      1. That means – Great mod ! Thank you! You are on top.

        1. Trucker_bob

          silly #### learn English please

          1. dude fake Trucker_bob, I confess ur an ##### with no maturity and u got a lack of faith disturbing!

        2. Trucker_bob

          ah! then I SAY: DA!

  4. Trucker seth

    well really it is more realistic BUT where is the torq twist factor when your speed up?

  5. Trucker_bob

    great mod!

    1. Trucker_bob

      could be better in a way . i shag sheep everyday btw

      1. stfu Fake Trucker_Bob

  6. Does it fix Peterbilt’s weird braking?

    1. Trucker_bob

      @ Joe you are a d**k head

      1. serious? using my name ..

  7. I haven’t had time to test it yet, so any f you know if this fixes the horrible speed-depended steering on the keyboard? Because it mentions wheel physics..

    By the way thanks for the mod, any mod that changes the physics of this game to better is welcome!

  8. Hi
    Could you provide an ATS version of the Ultra Realistic Physic Mod that you made for ETS2? That mod is fantastic…

  9. don’t like it, the w900 shakes like a boat in a rapid river

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