Peterbilt Custom Yellow an Blue Skin for Viper2

Custom-Yellow-an-Blue-1 Custom-Yellow-an-Blue-2 Custom-Yellow-an-Blue-3

Here is a Custom Yellow an Blue skin to be used on Viper2’s Peterbilt latest version

More skins available free of charge on my website

Facebook link on website

Author: Pauly


14 thoughts on “Peterbilt Custom Yellow an Blue Skin for Viper2

  1. great looking skin Pauly!!

  2. blue and yellow is my kind of colours, but this will do ;)

    hehe thanks !

  3. Freddy Jimmink

    Skin was made earlier by Gustavo Guimarães Goulart

    So talking about stealing Mr Stokes!

    And this time for all criticasters: Every blnd man can see that Gustave is the rightfull skinner.

    I should say take Your loss

  4. There is difference Freddy ‘Thief’ Jimmink i would never steal anyones like you do,i will gladly show Gustavo my skin so you tell him to contact me.ive also seen marc hamilton make the same skin also,but unlike you we all did our OWN versions.So try again Freddy the Thief.

  5. Freddy Jimmink

    Wierd mr. “Crook” Stokes You acuses all other people too! I have proof enough that You stole this 1, i have correspondence in my possession wich proofs You stole it!

    Also Proof is given on the SCS forum of wich You will and shall whatever it takes Your exclusive rights! You make this community to shame! You need to be re-examned! You need to stop!

    Admins, it would be apropreate to cntact me so i can give all proof of SCS forum and from people who are falsely acused by Stokes to You, you know where to find me, my mail is open.

    Paul Stokes and his friends need to be stopped NOW!

  6. Freddy Jimmink

    I just read the whole discussion in SCS blog from both Stokes and Gustavo Guimarães Goulart and i can only come to 1 conclusion:

    Paul Stokes aka Pauly wants to rule a community wich he make sick! Only he and he alone thinks he is the best!

    Paul Stokes makes lifes misserable and threthen other peole to ban me (Mr. Heavy Alex, aka Ales Orlic) otherwise he and his friends srop donations!

    This is 1 of the reasons i don’t place my work in public, i will advise to do the same so Mr.Stokes has his oint and he will be alone! btw Yor and my work will be Exclusive.

    Also You don’t have anything to do with corrupt websites! (,

  7. Right Freddy if you think ive stole the skin an you have proof report it,if you have this so called proof of me accusing people of then show your proof,i encourage other skinners an even have others on my website,so all this proof that you have why not show it to everyone,then report my skin,go on report it an then you prove to all the community with all this so called evidence.

    send all this links on here so everyone can see…….come on show everyone.

  8. what have i ever done to you Freddy smh

    well my dear Freddy i am sorry but all my art work is hand drawn by me as i work for a anime drawing company and i have 3 diff pen names i draw under as my boss says it is better for me to do that like she dose

  9. Freddy Jimmink


    I did not acuse You at all, so i don’t understand Your comment.


    Everybody can see the SCS forums and SCS Blogs from You and Gustavo, so there is the proof and i have to proof nothing at all! Everybody can read and see what’s discussed there.


    whats the bottom line say freddy i am a friend of pauls

  11. What’s funny is Pauly and I both did the same skin once and neither of us accused the other of theft as everyone is entitled to do their OWN versions and mine and Pauly’s are different enough for people to tell which one is which. but you Freddy “thieving nugget of brown matter” Jimmink take and copy someone else’s work exactly and slap your ##### smelly name on it and then try and charge $ for it. Pauly has never charged $ for a skin. and it is easy to fake screenshots by the way, but
    I guess you already know that as you keep harassing Pauly and the rest of the modding community. Why don’t you do us all a favor and pull your big fat bottom lip up over your head and swallow!!!!!

  12. Oh yeah here is more proof in Pauly’s defense as Freddy thief Jimmink doesnt include all screenshots showing all the way round the truck.

    go look at it for yourselves and see who is “stealing” what.

  13. Pauly,
    I like the skins you have made for Viper2’s truck. Looking to design my own skin and the template that was provided is not working the way I know how to do it for the stock trucks. Can you provide any insight?

  14. Boy van Wonderen





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