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Peterbilt 579 Yuyushiki Skin

Date 2016-02-12 15:21

ats_00014 ats_00007 ats_00010

All Cabin Suitable.

Tested Version


Author: TKK5050-3Chome


Comments (14)

14 Responses to Peterbilt 579 Yuyushiki Skin

  1. Trucker_bob

    dude.. delete this! this is nonsense the skin and even u got DAF on Peterbilt.. dude serieus? mod serieus things kiddo

  2. Евгений

    Что за бред, школота!

  3. UselessBanana

    sorry but this is horrible.

  4. Fidiuss

    If this is your first attempt at a skin i can accept that if not then please dont upload again until you are at least familiar with the basics of working with templates…..

    • wade

      this skin is for ppl who like ANIME in general you ###### ###. if you don’t like it dont LOOK at it.

  5. Halvezool

    dude… Every time I see this… It reminds me of bunch of lozer which has HENTAI FETISH and downloaded these kind of skins. dude delete this cr4p! and dont reupload or upload other Hentai ish ####

    • wade

      this skin is for ppl who like ANIME in general you ###### ###. if you don’t like it dont LOOK at it.

  6. Vader

    Oh Lord..
    Hey, kid, do not bother with the trucks! Go and you play with Pokemon! :)

  7. Dr_Jaymz

    daf???? really?

  8. If you guys don’t like the skin why even bother clicking on it just to leave nasty comments. At lest there are skins for us anime fans that want to have a itasha truck. Hell I have made railraod skins.

  9. Angyalfoldi

    Funny :D :D :D

  10. sasuke

    can u do more anime skins pls :)

  11. mobius_ace

    >All the hate on a truck paint job with cute anime girls
    Are you all gay or something? Maybe a paint job with photos of sweaty shirtless men would be more up your alley.

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