7 thoughts on “Peterbilt 389 White_Metallic Green skin

  1. Awesome skin mate thanks!!….did you do the metallic with Adobe? or Paint.Net?

    1. Hi Fid thank you,
      Metallic is a bit more involved, at the moment just come home and a bit drunk, not sure if you have steam, my name is Klunk on there too and will tell you what you need to do to get metallic.

      1. k man cheers ill add u

      2. Ok there are 242 peeps with the name “Klunk” on steam mate…. :)

  2. Oh #### copying bastards, whats your mate because i don’t think you can search by email

  3. add me mate just type in FID i should be top and you will see my avatar lol :)

    1. Added ya mate

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