Peterbilt 389 Rabbit River Transport LLC Skin update


Peterbilt 389 Rabbit River Transport LLC skin, update for Modified Peterbilt 389 v2 by Viper2.
– ONLY for 63 inch sleeper cab, as original truck is.
– For ATS 1.3.
Please keep original link and credits.
Enjoy in the ride!

Author: Skiner


5 thoughts on “Peterbilt 389 Rabbit River Transport LLC Skin update

  1. juan solis

    Could you make that skin for the peterbilt 379 i would be happy.

  2. ShuqGrind

    Awesome,thanks for sharing Skiner!

  3. ShuqGrind

    Skiner,any idea for you to distribute the updated Jarco skin?

  4. ShuqGrind

    Hey Skiner,when can you get the Jarco skin done?

  5. BillyJack

    Hey Man, Been a longtime fan of your skins. But there is one skin you had in ETS2 I miss dearly and would fit great in ATS is your North Texas Haulers skins.

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