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10 thoughts on “Peterbilt 389 Metallic Mauve/White Skin

  1. welcome back Klunk!

    1. Cheers Fid, hope ya doing fine.

      1. Yes mate and hope you had a good break :)

  2. mickeyd33

    hi, welcome back, can you make a flat black skin?
    like a sort of rat rod, everything (or most) black, no chrome at all, all colours flat, not shiny paint?

    1. Hi Mickey, i will give it a go for ya mate.

      1. mickeyd33

        cool! thank you :-)

        1. Hi Mickey, i have been reading up on things, if you copy and paste link …you can download a file (mod) by ED101 which you put in your mod folder and when you activate it it changes all your Peterbilt 389 skins to a matt finish. hope this helps you.

          1. mickeyd33

            Thank u for the search :-)

  3. Nice work mate as always

    1. Cheers Pauly

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