Peterbilt 389 Maximum Overdrive Skin

Maximum-Overdrive-1 Maximum-Overdrive-2 Maximum-Overdrive-3

This is the skin for 389 from the classic 1980s movie maximum overdrive

1 my documents
2 american truck sim
3 drag scs file to mod folder
4 start the game and enjoy

Author: Deadfullgoblin


4 thoughts on “Peterbilt 389 Maximum Overdrive Skin

  1. Now why wouldn’t you do the ACTUAL scheme from the movie?
    This is just a painting of a truck in a move scene on a truck. GJ I suppose

  2. Deputydawg

    I like it , but as Comawhite12 mentioned it would’ve been cooler having the truck’s theme as a skin even though the goblin’s face on the front wouldn’t be available it still would’ve been cool. Good job though.

  3. deadfullgoblin

    thanks guys ill update it soon

  4. outlawbiker

    if your into modeling the real truck, the original truck from the movie was an old 1977 Western Star 4800. Hope one of you guys out there actually model it and the trailer. would be killer.

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