Peterbilt 387 v 2.0 [1.28.x]

Completely redesigned and updated version 2.0:
– Standalone registered in Peterbilt;
– 1 cabin;
– 3 chassis;
– 9 engines Paccar, Cummins and CAT;
– 22 checkpoints , Allison, Eaton Fuller and Meritor MaxiTorque;
All engines and transmissions with original parameters

– 4 variants of the interior;
– 3 variants of the display on the instrument panel;
– 50 variants of processed skins of real companies in the USA, Britain and Europe
– Baked textures with high resolution;
– Complete set of wheels and tires with ATS;
– Realistic sound for all types of engines from Kriechbaum;
– Support for DLC Cabin Accessories.

Test on version 1.28

Authors: Ch_Vitalik, Kirilloid22, Dmitry68, Gosha Motor, rework and adaptation of Nikola (Konstantin-Donbass)


2 thoughts on “Peterbilt 387 v 2.0 [1.28.x]

  1. American Trucker

    Okay let me start by saying this…WRONG!!!! The is 2 choices of ‘variants of interior’, silver and wood, just renaming the last 2 is just waste of space!
    1) You should do an update by making SISI mods compatible.
    2) Like the company skins but you should make it an option to choose what color ‘we’ perfer not just what you think.
    3) Add more exhaust designs.
    4) the most important…fix the air, everytime i step on the brakes or apply the parking brake, all my air disappears. Don’t like sitting at traffic light for 3-4 cycles while air is built up so i can move.
    Just some ideas for you to fix or other drivers to avoid, you choice!

  2. Roadmaster93

    Could ya please update this beauty for 1.31 ? It isn’t showing up in the dealership anymore.
    Also some of the ideas from the previous comment are good.
    Really like your truck and the skin, please update!!!!!

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