Peterbilt 386 Motorhead Skin


Motorhead Truck skin for the Peterbilt 386
Test on update 07.03.2016
Tested on ATS v1.1.1.3

Please retain the original download link and credits if sharing.
Thank you.

Work in progress
I also do abit of youtube :-)

Author: WobblyCaptain


5 thoughts on “Peterbilt 386 Motorhead Skin

  1. Can you this Skin for Peterbilt 389 maked PLEASE ?

    1. I will have a look for the truck as I don’t have it and also a template hopefully it will come with the truck if so I will be able to copy the above for you easily :-)

      1. Okay

      2. Hey man so I made a skin for the truck and it won’t appear in game. Which file did you use and did you do anything different in the thing before you exported it. Thanks

        1. Sorry looks like a mistake has been made here wrong picture .
          The link above is for the peterbilt 386. (so many people where asking for different versions)
          Here is the link for the peterbilt 389 as in the picture

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