Peterbilt 379EXHD 3406E Engine Sound


Hi guys, The sound are by Kriechbaum. I only take her 3406E engine pack and put it in a 379 EXHD truck.

The Jacob sound don’t work right now but im curently working on it !

Any bug ? Just tell me on Facebook:

The link for video will be in the comment below !



7 thoughts on “Peterbilt 379EXHD 3406E Engine Sound

  1. Jad Kasti

    Here is the Video for the sound:


  2. Jad Kasti

    Jacob Fixes !! I just make an errors !

    Here the new link:


  3. Is this just sounds?? I don’t think this truck has been updated for 1.2 so it is kind of useless.

    1. Jad Kasti

      Work fine on 1.2.x for me ? And yes is just the sound.


  4. What’s the point of this mod when the truck doesn’t work on 1.2?

    1. Jad Kasti

      Use this sound mods with the last version of the truck not older. And work fine on 1.2.x beta or not.


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