Peterbilt 379


Well guys im alittle late on my own release lol well hit it is finally the peterbilt 379 shes work in both ats and ets2 if u wanna take her to europe lol but anyways credits to mr viper2 for parts
and pinga for letting me mod this bad ass 379 like to think robert nicholas for some advice and amt too id like to think that asshole Cody Pickoski for parts too ummm and of course the man that has taught me alot and did my accessories files Nick Reed good man right there so enough of my blabbing lol testers think u too so her she is boys enjoy let me know of any problems and ill fix as soon as i can

Author: mindset01


40 thoughts on “Peterbilt 379

  1. Can you stretch the chassis?

  2. Hello,
    Which versions is it compatible with?

    1. 1.3.x.x

  3. Cool truck, thx.

  4. Truck is awesome just one thing the suspension is like a european truck. It bounces too much

  5. Hello,

    This is an awesone mod but i have one question.
    The sunvisors are not visible on the inside can you fix this like the peterbilt 389 it would be awsome thanks for you work.

  6. nice truck but can you make the sun visors visible from the interior view please…

  7. GameplayHD2015

    crashes when trying to change display info!

    1. Check for mod conflicts

  8. By the way, this file works very well and in ETS2 also, without problems.

  9. mindset01

    hi guys i am working on the visors and i will look into stretching the frame out i didnt like them long so i didnt put it in but i have alot of u ask so i will stretch it

    1. Brandon Hairston

      @mindset01 hey what did you use to create this mod how do you do it

  10. GameplayHD2015

    1080p 60 Fps Video with this amazing truck:

  11. Nice Mod, however I belive there is too much bounce from the interior when braking imho. Also the passenger seat accessory from SiSL ends up bending over the sleeper bunk when added.

    Can you add the hood logos to the side of the hood and add the Hood Ornaments like the ones from the 389 model. As well as the small pipes with heatsheild like found on the 389. Otherwise this is a good looking model from what I have seen

  12. truck is good but theres a few issues such as the visors and you can see the bumper markers from inside the cab even when they arent installed plus the rear tail lights dont seem to work. could you update the sounds to either kriechbaum sounds or can you make this sound pack compatible with your truck

  13. Can+you+let+take+the+horn+off+the+top+to+give+it+a+clean+look+like+the+389.+Add+hood+ornaments.+Fix+the+bounce.++And+i+can+still+see+the+bumper+guides+inside+the+truck.+But+Great+Work!!!

  14. mindset01

    km7276 this is a 379 not vipers 389 lol i dont want to much stuff from his truck cause then ill have #### talkers u know what i mean and for the seat node lol thats how the lot lizard is supposed to be lol

    1. The crashman

      I really like this truck. I need template please. ..I have about 1500 followers that want to switch to this truck but only if I update my skins to work on it…so please post template or message me on steam…the crashman. Steam is crashumo.

      1. mindset01

        look me up jmichael498 are mindset01

  15. The Crashman

    Thank you. Love this truck. I make a lot of skins by request and have been asked to make some tribute skins like I did for vipers 389, my dads truck was a 379, so again thank you. but I was wondering if I can get the template please? thanks. and a 6×4 lowered long would be nice if you get around to it, but I really love driving this truck, great work.

  16. can i get a link that works with IDM so i can download it…… have slow internet :(

    1. pragathigr

      Just start download .scs file from mediafire through the browser and stop as soon as possible.Then right click on the stopped download and copy the link.finally paste it to idm’s ”new download address manually” and you’re okay to proceed download with resume capability function.



    Does this truck affect FPS like the 389, thanks.

  18. Another glitch i see is the deflectors on the bumper show up even though i didnt put them on. On the outside view they are not visible but on the inside view you can see them.

    Also if there is any way to limit the body roll. It is the only thing that is making me not like the truck.

  19. can you do a lowered chassis for this awsome truck

  20. May want to edit your credits to include myself and KW_Driver for his transmission pack.

  21. hey dood this mod crashes the game.
    its realy cool though.
    if you dont belive me watch jnr-snr gamings video on this mod on youtube.
    plz fix asap

  22. This looks and works effortlessly, very nice work looks stunning and defiantly gives off a more early feel to the Pete. Hey all that may be having a problem , It would be worth tryng to disable a few possible conflicting mods to give this one a go. well worth it.
    Thanks Mindset01 well done

  23. getting a crash when trying to buy or configure

    1. Same here. :(

  24. Put+it+on+steam+workshop?

  25. Can you fix the side mirrors so they can be seen from a normal seating position. They are way to far out from side of truck that without TrackIR you can’t see mirrors.

  26. beshowageehsaaad


  27. beshowageehsaaad

    yes but what should i will write here

  28. John Basile

    what do you do if it no longer available on mediafire

  29. Media Fire link is down :( FIX ASAP!!!! I want this truck!

  30. Media+Fire+link+is+down!!!

  31. the download link is not working

  32. doesn’t+work!!

  33. the download thing says CLICK to download but YET it doesn’t let you click. please fix this.

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