PETERBILT 378 V3.1 for ATS 1.30.x

V 3.0:

Changed dealer to Peterbilt!!!!
Fixed chassis bounce.
Fixed Midlift axle.
Fixed engines icons.
Fixed wheels.
Added missing lights.
Deleted incomplete paintjobs.


Added to quick jobs. (Don’t sort by Brand).

SCS, Term99, SmellyCat


6 thoughts on “PETERBILT 378 V3.1 for ATS 1.30.x



  2. Thank you so much! Good Job!

  3. I would like to propose a feature that I think would be very useful for some players.
    The old school trucks don’t have the gear indication on the dashboard. For those who use an Xbox 360 controller like me, it’s difficult to know which gear is without using the game display.
    Is it possible to add a gear indicator to the shift knob? That way, we could see the gears shiftyng without taking the originality out of the panel. For the most of the trucks, gear shift levers do not appear on the standard field of vision.
    Could this be added as a cabin accessory?
    What do you think?

    1. Pinna- get the SISL megapack and add the “truck info tablet” to your dashboard. You can use the “i” button and cycle through current gear, gas mileage, digital speed readout, etc. Also recommend the “minimal advisor mod.” Check it out.

  4. Thank you for this beautiful old truck. Is it possible you adjust the right bonnet mirror? Add a gps and as Pinna said a gear indicator.
    Thanks in advance.

  5. I tried this model is they awesome mod but I am extremely disappointed that the gearshift does not move you can change it to a lot of different options but it does not move I am very disappointed with this it seems like everybody gets lazy and does not add that feature every truck I have drove the gearshift if it does show does not move whatsoever I wish people would do more work or at the least fix their stuff and finish the trucks can you please add this and have it for future updates from now on please and I almost forgot to mention I like the way the smokestacks are but there’s a little flapper on the top that was good thinking but it would be nice if it actually moved when we would drive our trucks or wrote the engine

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