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Peterbilt 378 for ATS 1.40

Date 2021-05-12 19:12

The Peterbilt 378 by SmellyCat and Term99 updated to 1.40. FMOD sounds are there, but no window animation. Thanx to Kriechbaum for the awesome engine sounds.

SmellyCat, Term99


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6 Responses to Peterbilt 378 for ATS 1.40

  1. Thanks, I was looking for this mod for a long time that doesn’t crash my game, this works great! Thanks.

    • Ricochet

      Can you make the mirror less sensitive to light(lots of glare and cant see out of them and very dark cant see out of them).

  2. Felipe Morales

    Very nice this truck

  3. Michael

    What I don’t like about this mod that after when you disable this mod, some of the default engine sounds are gone. Can someone please fix this.

  4. Fernando

    I have a problem, a legend appears in the right and left windows with the text “missing text” and also when I am in first person view the incredible skull-shaped lever slows down the whole game. Outside of that it is an incredible mod and it is listened to and played in an incredible way. Well done!

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