Peterbilt 377

Peterbilt-377-3 Peterbilt-377-2 Peterbilt-377-1

– Interior
– Bullbar
– Hood mirror
– Metallic color
– 3 Cabs
– 2 Frames
– 2 interiors

Authors: (ATS) AMT Team (haulin)Ivan (hardtruckisthebest) Chris (formerly bay0net) Tim (polarexpress17) Jon (Cascadia) Mars812 James60470 Cedric


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18 thoughts on “Peterbilt 377

  1. The old version with a lot of errors in the log!

  2. RomanianGuy7

    Who cares about the log this truck is amazing and has potential

  3. Volvodriver

    Finally a peterbilt 377 thank you

  4. Test Video on my Youtube Channel

  5. hood mirrors don’t visible from inside

  6. Poor , poor, poor….Removed !!!

    1. If you dont like the P377, your not a trucker. Im dissapointed in you

  7. I love Peterbilts. Would someone please make this available for ETS2?

  8. This truck is awesome, but maybe if you could add a few more configuration options?

  9. I used to drive one in real life. I think that this is great and really like it a lot.



  10. Killer work!! Great job AMT Team

  11. Need the roof lights. It naked without them.. Maybe a mod to add them…

  12. Bill Alicea

    dont see the nav when I select it in the shop

  13. Arc Angel

    Needs updated to ATS v1.5!

  14. please make it for needs ETS2 v1.27.2!!

  15. Will you be putting marker lights on it? A light kit would be cool too

    1. I see there is marker lights, but they’re not available with the flat top sleeper, just the high rise. And I’m just a beginner at zmod so I’m not sure if I can fix it myself, so an update would be nice.

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