FS19 mods

Peterbilt 377

Date 2016-08-01 11:15

Peterbilt-377-3 Peterbilt-377-2 Peterbilt-377-1

– Interior
– Bullbar
– Hood mirror
– Metallic color
– 3 Cabs
– 2 Frames
– 2 interiors

Authors: (ATS) AMT Team (haulin)Ivan (hardtruckisthebest) Chris (formerly bay0net) Tim (polarexpress17) Jon (Cascadia) Mars812 James60470 Cedric


Comments (18)

18 Responses to Peterbilt 377

  1. The old version with a lot of errors in the log!

  2. RomanianGuy7

    Who cares about the log this truck is amazing and has potential

  3. Volvodriver

    Finally a peterbilt 377 thank you

  4. Test Video on my Youtube Channel youtube.com/MrGermanTruck

  5. hood mirrors don’t visible from inside

  6. Serena

    Poor , poor, poor….Removed !!!

  7. maestro

    I love Peterbilts. Would someone please make this available for ETS2?

  8. This truck is awesome, but maybe if you could add a few more configuration options?

  9. TW

    I used to drive one in real life. I think that this is great and really like it a lot.



  10. Renato

    Killer work!! Great job AMT Team

  11. TW

    Need the roof lights. It naked without them.. Maybe a mod to add them…

  12. Bill Alicea

    dont see the nav when I select it in the shop

  13. Arc Angel

    Needs updated to ATS v1.5!

  14. Kei

    please make it for needs ETS2 v1.27.2!!

  15. Dylan

    Will you be putting marker lights on it? A light kit would be cool too

    • Dylan

      I see there is marker lights, but they’re not available with the flat top sleeper, just the high rise. And I’m just a beginner at zmod so I’m not sure if I can fix it myself, so an update would be nice.

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