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Peterbilt 359 v 1.0 [1.32.x]

Date 2018-11-13 17:10

= Standalone
= Find in Peterbilt Dealer
= Trailer Cable support
= 3 Types of Cabins
= 18 Chassis Options
= A large number of engines and transmissions
= 8 Interiors
= A large number of tuning
= Support DLC “Steering Creations Pack”



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14 Responses to Peterbilt 359 v 1.0 [1.32.x]

  1. Very+nice+truck,+awesome+exterior,+but…+Interior+pretty+###,and+overall,+NO+built+in+GPS+and+NO+slot+to+add+one…?????

    • CowHauler

      Why would a 359 have an info computer… this truck is 30-40 years old, its obvious its not gonna have any thing computer related.

  2. Very nice truck, awesome exterior,but…
    Interior pretty ### and overall,
    NO built in GPS NO truck info computer and NO slot to add any…?????
    PS;Please update your Kenworth C500 it doesn’t work anymore since game updated

  3. Jeffrey

    i like it, enjoyed driving it.
    But i would like it slightly more if i can personalize the interior a bit more.

    other than that it’s a great truck

  4. David Griffiths


  5. Daredevil_Gamer

    This is a paid mod! Whoever uploaded it needs to remove it immediately!

  6. BigJhon

    Stolen mod!

  7. XDriver

    This is RTA’s truck.

  8. nelson

    for video demonstration ….. learn to drive…rsssssss

  9. Tolans2003

    Ok everyone complains about stolen mods…While i dont condone stealing other peoples hard works mods whatever…..Dont all modders steal the truck from Kenworth Peterbilt etc whenever they put it in the game?? Far as i know this is what the real one looks like it soo seems to me that RTA and others like em prlly stole the design from Peterbilt no?

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