Peterbilt 352 v 1.1

peterbilt-352-1 peterbilt-352-2

Petebilt 352 I tested on 1.4.x
– cabin
– chassis
– interior
– Paintjob
Adapted to 1.4 And added interior window, textures, gps, steering wheel

lucasi, franck_peru


14 thoughts on “Peterbilt 352 v 1.1

  1. lucasi, franck_peru,

    i have downloaded the truckmod. It is very nice really , but when I start the engine I didn’t see any moving meters and from the wipers there are two. Only one works. Also the bulbs and blinkers on the dashboard are on the wrong place. Is it possible to correct these things in the next modification? Compliments for the rest of the mod.

    1. when that’s fixt i’m drive it every day


      Who was the update for the 352 cabover for the newest version of ats. It keeps crashing

  2. I heaven tested it, but from pictures I can see the cab hasn’t been fixed, the does are enormous, should be the size of 379, front window also

  3. SpeedyHaul

    person that started on it didnt have the skills i heard, other ppl have n are updating it :)

  4. That interior still needs a lot of help

  5. charlieboy

    boss alsome mod

  6. I love these old Pete cabovers, but sadly this one still needs some work for the latest game versions.

    biggest thing I noticed – the truck constantly shakes. That alone would make it horrible to use.

    If you can fix/update the issues mentioned, I would love to use it.

  7. please make it for ETS2 1.27.2!

  8. Luke Vadekar


  9. Can Someone Update too 1.6

  10. Do anyone have the 352 cabover update for newest version of ats

  11. Update to 1.29?

  12. Sir please update to 1.32 – 1.33

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