Peterbilt 350 v1.0.1 [1.46 – 1.47]

The Peterbilt 350 can be considered the precursor to all of the long nose conventionals that followed it. Its swooping fenders, bolted radiator shell and imposing 130″ bumper to back of cab dimension made it a truly majestic king of the highway. It was introduced in 1949 and produced through 1957, with 847 units produced (as well as 387 units of the single axle model 280), overlapping the more familiar and prolific lightweight model 351.

I’ve taken a couple of liberties in this recreation: the single axle model 280 is treated as just a chassis variation, and I’ve limited the transmission selection to those that will work well with the game’s limitations (the model 350 primarily used compound transmissions which aren’t properly supported in ATS).

Tested on ATS 1.46-1.47

Fixed interior glass specularity
Tweaked interior camera so toyseat accessories can be removed
Fixed incorrect data on NH 220 engine
Air horn sound no longer fades when activated repeatedly (removed unneccessary stop event)
Added more engines: NTC 475, NTC 444, Super 250, PT 270
Fixed inconsistent hood handle colours on PIE skin
Fixed UV mapping of handle on ‘dull’ hood
Added grill accessory variants with open shutters
Added variant of round emblem accessory with trim plate
Fixed some placeholder accessory names



2 thoughts on “Peterbilt 350 v1.0.1 [1.46 – 1.47]

  1. edurock2

    Congratulations on the great mod, simple, no frills, how life should be…

  2. Absolutelt fantastic. I coupled it to a vintage trailer. Outstanding. Thank you so much.


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