Personal Gift Trailer Mod v1.0 For ATS Multiplayer 1.39

Game Support Version : 1.39
✅ Single-player And Multiplayer Support

✅ Has a Single Trailer And Turnpike Double
✅ Select Turnpike Double Trailers In All cities
✅ Ability To Choose The Color OF The Trailer (Double-Click On Each Color)
✅ Support For All Chassis Models
✅ Cargo Market Support
✅ Accessories Support
✅ ProMods Support

⚙️Installation :
1) First Go To Single Player And Activate Mod
2) After Selecting Mod , Save The Game And Go To Multiplayer
3) In The Multiplayer Section , Select Load My Last Save

To Select A Color, Be Sure To Double-Click On The Color Option



One thought on “Personal Gift Trailer Mod v1.0 For ATS Multiplayer 1.39

  1. Please update for 1.40. Thank you.

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