6 thoughts on “Penske Trailer

  1. Welcome aboard ATS. Love your work on ETS, Bring em on.Thanks. We need combos bad, david !

    1. Thanks a lot man. I truly appreciate the compliment and am loving ATS, but this wasn’t me who posted a semi-copy of my penske and venom trailers here on ATS. It appears someone did their best to copy my ETS2 trailers here and did a pretty good job too. If you look close you will see differences like on the trailer doors. Nonetheless i’m happy someone is trying to bring my skins in. :) I, myself, am actually retired from skinning and am sitting back enjoying driving instead.

  2. What ya say you get ol Robert (Bobbo62) get your libraries together and if nothin else do the trucks for the the trailers that show up on ATS. I waited over two years for the privelage of puttin my ETS2 library on this game only to find out that they put a hookless fishing pole that made it all for not.
    I admit driving is a blast and now we got wider roads to use only to find out the authors grabbed wheel chairs instead of computer chairs to follow the yellow brick road. You have alot of fans out here but I guess some time the sunset as seen from a white sand beach is too brilliant to miss. Catch you on the Turnpikes of ATS Retirement as I know all too well In Texas. HONK-HONK

    1. Funny you should mention that about Robert! lol I had actually contemplated seeing if he wanted all my American skins to resume with and bring over into ATS since i’m out of the skinnin business. :) We shall see. You never know about me though as I have been “retired” before. lol I get that dang itch from time to time to skin again though. Maybe if I get bored of truckin the itch may kick in again. :P Right now i’m truckin in Texas too. Virtual truckin that is. :)

  3. yea when I was working for money not XP points-haha, I quit my house rebuild job, 5 times until my body betrayed my when I needed to get to standing again, and quit for good. I sold it all to my fellow workers for pennies on the dollar. Thats why I love the world of truckin,traveling, and sittin wayyyyy toooo much. The real reason I gave you the boost I did, is because serious skinners and map developers are hard to find and even harder to keep doin what ya do due to SCS and their everloving redesigning it THEIR way throwing everybody off the band wagon gig.
    Since Robert’s computer fiesco, I’ll keep both of you in my thoughts for future unretirement Hurray’s!!!!!!. . In case you don’t know I live in a toyhauler about 2000 foot from I-20 and see reality trucking daily,nightly and 24/7. Don’t even flinch when they hit the jakes coming off the freeway. Well I need to start smellin those everimaginarydiesel fumes, and roll out in my independent trucker painted KW w900 and see what california can give me. Keep the Pedal to the Metal honk-honk.

  4. How do you skin?

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