Patch v2 for Freightliner Classic XL 21.11.2017 (v1.29.x)

Patch v2 for Freightliner Classic XL 21.11.2017 (v1.29.x)

Freightliner Classic XL by odd_fellow
Update to v1.29.x by Genius

Use along with above mentioned truck.


Fixes the following:

Crash when selecting flat top cab option
Multiple missing interior pieces for flat top cab option
Missing (SiSL) interior accessories for both cabs
Missing sounds
Restores SCI steering wheel logo to all non-Freightliner trucks

Patch made from files pulled from other trucks by odd_fellow. Much thanks to him for his beautiful trucks.
Thanks to Genius for the update to v1.29.x
Restore SCI steering wheel logo credit: SCS

Reupload permitted using original link.

Patch compiled by Windsor351

odd_fellow, SCS, Windsor351


10 thoughts on “Patch v2 for Freightliner Classic XL 21.11.2017 (v1.29.x)

  1. Rubber Duck

    The texture becomes missing for most of the SCI steering wheels when loading the patch

    1. Windsor351

      I just retested on a profile with my patch and the Freightliner Classic XL as the only 2 active mods and it works fine on SCS trucks. I then tested with the W900Long to confirm it works on non SCS trucks and it does. Even if you had it to low in the priority list, it would show the Freightliner logo. You must have some other mod causing a conflict but I can’t understand how.

  2. Is there a way to re-do the jake brakes on this truck?
    They don’t sound right and this is coming from a driver of over 10 yrs.
    Never heard a jake like that.
    Don’t get me wrong, I love the Freightliner Classic, it just needs adjustment.
    Thanks for your hard work on the truck.

    1. Windsor351

      Dan, odd_fellow’s sounds are spectacular. I can’t understand why I’ve never seen anyone acknowledge that. Super clean loops with smooth transitions from sound to sound going through the rpm range. There’s a few non-engine sounds that are to loud or to busy for my taste, but that’s easily tunable/removable.

      As for the jake brake…It’s more than likely it’s the same problem with lots of trucks. It’s actually the engine files that lack parameters for the jake. What that will do is cause the jake to be excessively strong, so what you will hear is a rapid pitch change from high to low RPM and not jake during it’s smooth decline in rpm. I have countless engines I’ve made for personal use that I will eventually release public that will solve problems like this. All engines have real life torque and power curve parameters as well as proper code for jake brakes and even tuning for keyboard users. Problem with releasing them is I made them for my own personal use, without consideration of permissions on sound files. So I either have to get permission from Kriechbaum and odd_fellow or change all my file paths and list their sounds as requirements. Not sure odd_fellow even made a complete pack of his sounds. I’m new to the modding community and haven’t made contact with anyone yet, so it’s a way off.

  3. Anyone else getting missing textures in the gauges and wiper blades with this? Loved the original XL, wanna keep my second favorite truck if possible.

    1. Windsor351

      Will, I’m going to assume you also run odd_fellow’s FLD . On that note, make the Classic XL a higher priority than the FLD and your missing textures problem should be solved.

      1. Worked like a charm, thanks!

        1. Windsor351

          Glad I could help.

  4. The+patch+works+quite+well,+but+some+details+are+missing,+or+just+not+showing+up.+For+example,+no+antennas+on+the+main+mirrors+(they+show+up+in+every+other+example+of+this+mod+I’ve+seen,+and+some+are+even+pointed+forward.),+and+no+painted+filters+(although+the+file+is+present).+Anyone+else+have+this+issue?

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