Painted Truck Traffic Pack by Jazzycat v5.8

Pack adds in traffic truck+trailer combo with skins of over 200 real companies.
All standalone.
Compatible with all my packs.
For ATS version 1.46.x
Some skins by Pauly, Hounddog, Dogface, R3AP3R, Fid, Lucasi, SystemSoldier X, Ankrpl, MuhaBZzz and others.

Version 5.8 – added new companies: Doug Andrus Distributing, Long Haul Trucking, Pride Transport, some fixes


DOWNLOAD 183 MB [mirror]

5 thoughts on “Painted Truck Traffic Pack by Jazzycat v5.8

  1. Hey anyone is getting a virus report trying to download this file? Previously me and several people have reported virus alert trying to download Jazzycat´s packs for ets2 (the latest two he uploaded). Someone said his computer might be infected but im not sure.

  2. I download Jazzy mod updates all the time. It’s a false positive most likey due to and all its ad spam.

    1. “false positive”?
      believe who wants XDDDD

  3. @Jonathan

    Simple google search my dude…

    ( A false positive is another way of saying mistake. As applied to the field of anti-malware programs, a false positive occurs when the program mistakenly flags an innocent file as being infected. )

    Happens all the time especially when you are using mods for games.

  4. In ATS Version 1.47 this mod is causing yellow warnings and red errors.
    I advise disabling it until Jazzycat is able to update.

    He always updates often.

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