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Welcome! Here you find a lot of ATS / American Truck Simulator mods. All mods are free to download. Every mod is assigned to category, like trucks, trailers, skins, maps, tuning & parts, sounds, AI traffic and others. If you create mods you can send mod to us and we will share it. For help we kindly ask to use comments or write to our email.

Clean Vegetation v1.0.1b

Update 1.0.1b
Reworked textures
Fixed some glitches

As the name states – this mod is designed to:
“Clean and enhance” the games vegetation.
It is not designed as a major overhaul to the textures.

Using the base vegetation files from 1.48
All files have been reworked to remove muddiness.

Cleaned and sharpened images to have greater clarity.
Increased color saturation – creating a widder variance of greens while reducing the “reflexiveness” of vegetation.
Slight enhancements to shrubbery – including brighter yellows, reds and oranges…ie
Desert and Dry shrubbery – slightly changed basic white coloring to include tones of browns and yellows.



Kenworth W900 Mid Mount 8×6 + Spread Chassis

Added Tuning pack compatibility
Fixed misaligned accessories.
Added missing tuning pack accessory slots.
Added no def fuel tanks to chassis.
Updated to the reworked W900. Long exhaust stacks added for all Daycab chassis. Full chassis cover option for all chassis.
Mod is now optional for Convoy

This mod adds mid mounted 5th wheel chassis to the Kenworth W900. All standard accessories are usable with this chassis. Additionally both day and sleeper exhausts may now be used on any Daycab chassis.
A spread axle 6×2 midlift is also included with an additional toolbox slots. This is private mod I am releasing publicly.
Please note: The mid mount chassis may clip some SCS or modded trailers due to the length of chassis behind the 5th wheel.
Due to using custom models this mod is not compatible with TMP.



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49X Custom v1.0

A small rework for the 49X.

315wb chassis for the SF 72″ (Replacing one of the 8×6’s)
290wb chassis for the SF 48″
Reworked stacks with Flat Top cut
Reworked Texas Flat bumper



ICRF Map For ATS 1.48

ICRF Sukabumi S2 Map By Evergreen1976 updated for the ATS game by Bimo Wahyu Saputro and Fatkhul Anam. This map was created by original creator Evergreen1976.
Support ATS version 1.42-1.48
Fix errors that appear in the console.
Fix map UI display.
Bringing back the Indonesian style climate.
As far as I remember, the Scala map was still the default (1:1).
Reconversion of some existing prefabs and models.
Changing Truck Dealer model.
Correcting the names of cities.
Unknown Issue: Ambient + world sounds are still replaced by the default SCS.
Sometimes a “mover” error appears due to a bug in the game system.

ICRF ATS version map feature
1. Passenger jobs
2. Change job dump truck to regular jobs.
You can start anywhere, if one of the versions starts to crash, you can start at Pelabuhan Ratu.

Evergreen1976, Bimo Wahyu Saputro, Fatkhul Anam


Trailers and Cargo Pack by Jazzycat v6.1

Pack adds in game 47 new trailers and over 150 new cargo.
All standalone.
Works on any maps.
For ATS version 1.48.x
Compatible with all my packs.
Models and skins by SCS Software, Giant Software, SoftLab, Astragon Software, Polygonish, Cape, Bruno77, Bora, Hardtrucksthebest, Rubberduck, Mavis, Sherry0, Tony1971, luder, bayonet, petercar379, KMN Modding, Smarty, TruckSim, Ivan, Dogebilt, Brown Modding, Technicmods, Jura2470, Dietz Modding, bansheewoj, Bcbuhler, DocElyoc, Jessy, CaMOnLy, Habdorn
Included English, Dutch and Russian localization.

Version 6.1 – added new overweight cargo for lowboys, minor fixes



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