Pack of Charges of Mexico By DANILINHO MARTINEZ

What’s up friends
Here I bring a pack of charges of Mexican companies
And some that circulate in Mexico
It is not the big thing but for something it starts .. just make skins
Here I share the link in a rar file for download
Enjoy it and share it with your friends … it consists of 3 parts (scs files) …

COMING UP 4th part and pack of skins for trucks
Greetings friends !!



3 thoughts on “Pack of Charges of Mexico By DANILINHO MARTINEZ

  1. I saw that your dds files are locked with a password. That´s so poor!
    I would skine one(!) Trailer private for me, in the colors of my company.
    Then I use the pack in mey game, with all other trailers from you.
    So I can´t do that.
    I have erasured your mod from my pc.
    Never will use it. Never will use other mods from you.
    Think, ist this the right way to present ypur mods.
    We´re all a community and we´re all enjoy to play ATs.
    For me, you´re not a member of this community!


      que tal amigo muchas gracias por tu comentario no me habia percatado que estaba bloqueado el link… ya lo desbloquie y una disculpa para ti y todos… saludos!!!

      that such a friend thank you very much for your comment I had not noticed that the link was blocked … and unlocked and an apology for you and all … greetings!

  2. Rodrigo Torres

    No jalan los links :(

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