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Pack mods for Photo

Date 2016-08-22 09:37


Pack mods for Photo
1) CameraLoose
2) Camera 2
3) CameraPhoto
4) NoActivationLogos
5) NoFramePhoto
Games – ETS2 and ATS



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4 Responses to Pack mods for Photo

  1. Steve Hollar

    This looks interesting, but, since there are no instructions how to use it, I just deleted it.

  2. Yeah, all the effort that goes into so many mods but it’s too much effort to write a good description and some instructions. I don’t get it.

  3. c

    It is just to put them in the folder and activate them as a regular mod :)

    • Steve Hollar

      Well duh! We know how to put them in the folder and activate them. Then what? How do you make some of the cameras work? What keys do you press to activate them?

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