Pacific Northwest Rigs

If you love the Pacific Northwest, check out my skin pack for Pacific Northwest Transportation.

Here is what is inside:

Peterbuilt 579 skin
Kenworth T680 skin
28 FT Box Trailer
45 FT Box Trailer
48 FT Box Trailer
53 FT Box Trailer

There will be 2 folders in this zip folder. 1 folder has the trailers and 1 folder has the trucks.

How to install the trailers:

Go to documents, American Truck Simulator, mods.
Drag the entire PNW TRAILERS folder into the mod folder

How to install the truck skins:

Go to documents, American Truck Simulator, mods.
Open the PNW CABS folder and drag the .scs files into your mod folder.

That’s it! I hope you enjoy my Pacific Northwest Transportation skin pack.

Leave me a comment if you like it!

Squatch Vader


2 thoughts on “Pacific Northwest Rigs

  1. This is what I was looking for!!! Thank-you so much! I love the new maps Wash and OR states.
    Can you do a garage too?

    1. Hi bigguns,

      I am happy you like the truck and trailer skins! I only design truck and trailer skins. I have no idea how to make maps or garages.

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