Paccar MX-13 Stock sound v2.0

Version 2.0 Changelog:
Brought back SCS Peterbilt 389 samples with improved sound
Updated engine information
Supported more trucks
Lot more improvements
Included Customizable Additional Supported Trucks (CAST) in the mod

If you don’t know what CAST is:
A quick tutorial on how to use CAST
1. Goto def/vehicle/truck/
2. Rename one of zcustom_xx into truck def name you want
(optional, but should do)
3. Get inside that folder/engine/
4. Open every c15a_xxx.sii files and look at line 3
5. change “mx13_xxx.custom.engine” to “mx13_xxx.(truck def name).engine” for every files in that folder
and you should be good to go

Version 1.5 Changelog:
Updated for 1.42/1.43
Rebuilded sound (also removed Kriechbaum’s assets)
Included fan sound with realistic behavior
Included custom sound orientation for realistic sound from different angle
Lot more improvements

Version 1.2 Changelog:
New exhaust samples
Little tweak and improve

This mod is stock sound for Paccar MX-13 engines in some SCS trucks and modded trucks and like always if you want this mod works on any modded truck you can tell me

Paccar MX-13 engines with Stock sound
Realistic exterior/interior sound
Custom sound attenuation for realistic sound fade off

Slav Jerry – Sound modding Kriechbaum, SCS Software – sound samples


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