Paccar Engine Sound mod for the Kenworth T680 & Peterbilt 579


Hi, just exported my Paccar engine sound for the two stock trucks of the game (Kenworth 680 & Peterbilt 579).

Author: Kriechbaum


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14 thoughts on “Paccar Engine Sound mod for the Kenworth T680 & Peterbilt 579

  1. amazing as always… thanks Kapitan Kriechbaum

  2. I love all of Kriechbaum sound mods. He is the BEST PERIOD when it comes to engine sounds on ATS & ETS 2 . Yea i said it!!!!! THE BEST OVER ALL ! Thanks Kriechbaum for your hard work

  3. Just what i was waiting for, that somebody releases an excellent engine sounds replacement for the default trucks!

    Thank you, Kapitan Kriechbaum.

  4. Trucker_bob

    Very nice Kriechbaum!! LOVELY!

  5. Wonderful, nice way to spice up the dull stock sounds. As always, thank you!

  6. Please make this work for the kenworth t800 Also :-)

  7. nice one makes my truck feel like a truck and not some silly peace of ####

    1. lol

      Great job as always!

  8. Does this sound replace all of the engines sounds or did you add a few engines and only those have the sound? I am trying to figure out if I add a engine pack mod to the game will they have the paccar engine sound or the default engine sound?

  9. I have a technical question. I uploaded the mod but I still have the same old stock sound for engine and air brakes. Am I missing another mod that goes with this one?

    1. I’ve got it figured out. disregard my last message.

  10. Can u help me you do a great job .. With ur mods .. But for this one i dnt know too change a rar. File to scs. File to use it in ats .. Can u plz help or anyone ..

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