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P.A.M. Transportation Services Inc. Skin

Date 2016-03-26 10:04

P.A.M.-3 P.A.M.-2 P.A.M.-1

P.A.M. Transportation Services Inc. is an irregular route over-the-road trucking company that is based in Tontitown, Arkansas.

Author: Fidiuss


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11 Responses to P.A.M. Transportation Services Inc. Skin

  1. Andre

    Man it’s like Christmas! Neil you got to be one of the best skinners.

    • Thanks man my skins are not overly complicated compared to other skins on here done by way better skinners than me :) who do more detailed graphical skins …..i just like doing company skins which require less imagination but are rewarding to the downloader in much the same way …..another skin coming today! as i have some spare time…….happy trucking Andre!

  2. james

    Thank you for getting my request for PAM done so soon. If David does my trailer request I’m very greatful for skinners like you guys. Keep up the super skinning that making this game so interesting.

  3. You do great work…..some skins look way better simple….!

    • Thanks Uncle_D …your skins just keep hitting the high levels every release my AI use the Denver Broncos on 2 w900’s and the skin rocks man so thanks!

  4. Eric

    This is the skin I’ve been wanting the most because I work next to a P.A.M. hub in Ohio and see them everyday. I hope you also make a matching trailer and a skin for the Peterbilt 579, which is the most common truck I see there. Thank you.

  5. james

    One other little comment, I had a family member as a trainer and also cross country driver for PAM with perfect driving record for 20+ years and he felt lost when he retired due to health reasons, and I rode with many times and car drivers are the worst drivers he encountered. This game is so lucky to have the best skinners around and never too busy to take requests. Keep them commin guys.

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