Ownable Lowbed XL 90 v 6.0 [1.34.x]

– Standalone;
– Jeep Dolly;
– Advance Coupling;
– Trailer Beacons;
– Collisions;
– Trailer Selection;
– Ownable.

1- Extended version with flip axle & jeep dolly
– Axles 5
2- Normal version with flip axle & jeep dolly
– Axles 5
3- Normal version without flip axle without jeep dolly
– Axles 2

Habdorn, KeithD


6 thoughts on “Ownable Lowbed XL 90 v 6.0 [1.34.x]

  1. NiteRunner1

    How do u get the trailer beacons activated?

  2. Cargo+does+not+appear+on+the+trailer+when+I+load+it?

    1. hi I have had the same issue it might be of the wrong trailer size

  3. hi dose any one no how to get the flip axle to work ???????

  4. …no Cargo !!!
    please fix


  5. Bad mod. It doesnt work, period. Most cargos dont appear in the trailer, and the console is filled with warning and errors about wrong formats. Avoid download guysl. One day, if people cares about actually make polished and optimized mods thigns will change.

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