ownable example skinpack 1

i only updated this mod and added some more textures i figured out my self

included in mod box trailers and the flatbed tarp trailers

pack 1 of the ? let me know howmany you guys would like i m currently still figuring out why the chipvan dont work

since the textures where already out i updated it for 1.36

textures : The Redneck Ram
update by : krizzy090 with added textures

just make sure to read the text file

krizzy090 , The Redneck Ram


5 thoughts on “ownable example skinpack 1

  1. Could do me one with Hayes’s logistics on it please the background in red or black

    1. krizzy090 skinworks

      really dude ? i dont take request’s i stated howmany example skinpacks you guys would like to have just edit this skinpack

      1. Really dude I was only asking ok

  2. MohSkinner Workshop

    Thanks For Templates

    1. krizzy090 skinworks

      np :) enjoy

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