Overspeed signal for 1.37 (Voice navigation pack)

This mod contain only over speed signal and haven’t any voices. Now I get tired of navigation voices, but signal I like.
I don’t know why SCS do not disable signal type choice when you not select “voice navigation pack”, and default signal not working.

Mod also works in ETS2 1.37


DOWNLOAD 96 KB [Mirror]

3 thoughts on “Overspeed signal for 1.37 (Voice navigation pack)

  1. Ow, thank you so much for this. Exactly what i was looking for. I agree, i dont get it why there isnt an option to activate only the speed warning. The funny thing is, it worked for a while in 1.35 until SCS patched it for some unknown reasons.

  2. It doesnt work. ####, i really wanted this mod, since im in the same spot, but unfortunately, it doesnt work at all.

  3. Yup i got excited too soon i guess.

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