Oversized Excavator


I modified an excavator model to a little more realistic specifications. An excavator is one of the cargos for Lowboy Trailer.
– Crawler width of the excavator fixed to 2990 mm (117.72 inches).
– Number of the bucket teeth has increased from three to five.
– I created safety equipments and added them as a part of the cargo.

SCS Software, pete379jp


6 thoughts on “Oversized Excavator

  1. which lowboy trailer mod is it supposed to change the load on ?

    1. It’s for the default lowboy trailer, not a trailer mod.

  2. please add real emblems/colors skins of few different manufacturer

    1. There’s already a mod on here that does that, sorry i dont have a link but the search button works wonders you know…

      1. this,Real Logo & Paint Textures for default Heavy Duty Equipment by lonestranger? i thought this is different excavator and that these both no longer work in ats1.2

  3. I don’t know if any modders have ever thought of this but for oversized load trailers why not have the two trucks who guide them too & maybe if the truck has to take over the road have a police ###### or something… Something to consider.

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