Oversize U.S.A. Trailers V3 by Solaris36

Oversize-U.S.A.-Trailers-2 Oversize-U.S.A.-Trailers-1 Oversize-U.S.A.-Trailers-3

Advanced couple trailer ready.
Added 1 new cargo: Construction materials.


All my works: https://atsmods.lt/?s=solaris36

Authors: Solaris36, SCS Software, tripple8, Farzad, 3dregenerator, W.O.T, TlesGames


16 thoughts on “Oversize U.S.A. Trailers V3 by Solaris36

  1. thanks for updating your mod.

  2. These are great! Most appreciated

  3. Thank you. :)

  4. PewDiePie Junior

    how to aply this mod heeeeeelp

    1. This video will help you https://youtu.be/s-biMW–ZHs

  5. PewDiePie Junior


    1. • download this file
      • extract .rar (WinRar or 7zip)
      • place the extracted file in MOD-folder
      (unless you extract it directly to MODfolder)
      • start game
      • open MODMANAGER and activate MOD/save
      • PLAY

  6. are oversized in weight too?

  7. Download Link Invalid

  8. Huge fan and someone that doesn't want the community to fall apart

    @solaris36 Do not stop your amazing work just because some troll who wasn’t really from RTA said that they were going to report all your files as he is nothing but a troll who goes around saying stuff like that when in reality he is just a troll.

    1. oh is that why the file is gone? #### i should have downloaded it before it was gone.

  9. Mr nobody

    Is This mod in steam workshop if not can you put it in

  10. Hey Solaris36 i was just wondering if you could try and the western star 5700 truck to be compatible with the Freightliner Coronado as i like both trucks but can only have one of them if you can not make it compatible if the truck that is all right.

    Thank you for your time in reading this message

  11. Classified

    The file you were looking for could not be found, sorry for any inconvenience.

    Possible causes of this error could be:
    The file expired
    The file was deleted by its owner
    The file was deleted by administration because it didn’t comply with our Terms of Use

    1. solaris36

      Hi. The second reason is the right. Regards. :-)

  12. Logan Taylor

    Hi, I know you are probably busy, but could you try to edit the Mack Ultraliner. The interior is no where close to where it should be. The reason im asking you is because on how good you did on the Freightliner FLB. Thanks.

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