6 thoughts on “Oversize Cargos ATS 1.32.x

  1. This is a DLC.
    If you don’t remove it you will deal with legal issues very soon.

    1. The user SimulatorMods is a repeat thief of the official DLC, but also of many mods of the community! Nevertheless, even after several reports sent with evidence, the administrators of the two sharing sites, as well as the site hosting files leave with impunity these many misdeeds!
      The culprits are the thief and the accomplices who manage these different sites!

  2. Stolen mod!

  3. On top of it, there is a reason why Special Transport is taking more time to get into ATS, U.S. trucks don’t use the same type of trailers… So basically it’s driving with euro trailers in the U.S.

  4. Here is some gameplay of it :)

  5. Corrupto o no corrupto no importa deberian crear un mod como esta en la web steam con escolta policial ya que es mas entrenido y divertido…

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