Official Uncle D Logistics VTC Pete 389 V1.03 Update

This is MY official 3rd update for the Uncle D Logistics VTC Pete 389. Lets start with 1st off templates out there for the 389 suck, most are missing half the parts and we as modders don’t know if the template is missing parts we trust the folks putting them out have done their job, so the paints for this 389 were missing stuff and I SAID that from the start that updates were coming, this DOES NOT GIVE ANY OF YOU THE RIGHTS TO TAKE MY WORK AND CHANGE IT, UPLOAD IT WITHOUT MY PERMISSION PERIOD NOR DO I GIVE ANY PERMISSIONS TO DO SO. So if you don’t like this paint #1 keep it to yourself, I don’t care. #2 don’t use it #3 make your own OK. My legal team is tracking down all illegal copies of this V1.03 uploaded by “Nutty Wolf” and being dealt with.

Darnell “Uncle D” Metcalf
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2 thoughts on “Official Uncle D Logistics VTC Pete 389 V1.03 Update

  1. Deadmarsh

    I am tired of this skin now i have seen so meny updates now its booooooring !!! keep it !!!!!!!

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