[Official] Air Ride B Series 1.0 By Momo

This “B series” is a sequel of its sister “A series” published before.
They are not the same. This B series acts differently from the A series. They both are good so it’s up to the player’s personal preference. Choose to play with only one of them at a time, do not use both at the same time.

This B series however is extracted from Momo’s Physics 4.2 mod. So if you are using my Physics 4.2 mod. You don’t need this B series.

For more information on this mod please refer to the page below:

– Compatible with all SCS original trucks and all truck mods.
– Compatible with all physics mods.
– Game patch 1.29, 1.28, 1.27 compatible and probably earlier versions too.

– Enable the camera physics in the game option and slide its bar to maximum.
– This mod must be higher than any physics mod and/or truck mods. The reason for this is because this mod uses the same file as most physics/truck mods use. So you must tell the game which mod it’s supposed to follow for that. By giving this mod higher, you are telling the game to follow this mod in that case. Very important. This mod only changes the seat, nothing else, so you will still retain your favorite physics mod’s effects.
– How do you know if it is working ? When you first enter your truck (cabin view), the camera moves up & down softly for about 5 seconds.

– You are not allowed to re-post by another download link.
– You are not allowed to change the name and re-post.
– Only use my original download link to re-post.


Tips are always appreciated.


“Momo’s mods”


Momo, Yuna



2 thoughts on “[Official] Air Ride B Series 1.0 By Momo

  1. Hi. The demo video is not corect. The big pit is missing from the road.
    Then the cockpit max down and the steering wheel max above.
    A second later, this happens vice versa.
    Well, you have to program it:
    While driving – Esc – Truck settings -cockpit- up and down three times.
    Thus, the spring is working at max amplitude.
    Thank you before.

  2. Momo, what happened to this mob? I powered up ATS this morning (12/26/17) and it’s missing in my mods. Will you have it back up and able to run soon? This was working perfectly until today.

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